Enabling strategic business transformation and providing the governance to keep it on track are key requirements for delivering sustainable improvement in any organisation. We have over 25 years’ experience in providing independent strategic advice and consultancy to ensure that your long term objectives are not sacrificed to the tactical solutions of tick box managers and predatory technology providers. Our aim is to put you in the driving seat.

Whether you’re looking for basic efficiencies and service improvements or looking to combine complex services, Abracus can help you to map out strategies to ensure the sustainability that protects and delivers a return on your investment. We have specialist skills in shaping customer-focused priorities gained from many years at the pointy end of service delivery.

The public sector is in danger of repeating the errors of the Noughties in prescribing ‘point solutions’ to meet the complex and ever-changing requirements of new combined authorities. Business transformation is just one of a raft of core strategies required to keep your programmes on track. Often, information technology and information management are outsourced to external suppliers whose profit focus puts them at odds with the organisation’s long term interests. Few public sector bodies have the boardroom skills required to properly align information technology and information management strategies to the business. Even fewer council chambers have councillors equipped to deliver scrutiny and governance in these complex areas.

Abracus brings a discipline and structure that enables joined-up services as part of a coherent strategy. As well as mapping out and documenting core strategies, we can provide programme management, and critical friend and audit capabilities to deliver effective scrutiny and governance, to ensure that your business objectives and core strategies stay on target. Where the business requirement is for a tactical solution, we identify and mitigate the risks to the longer term strategies.

In the private sector, we understand the pressures of short term deadlines, as well as the complexities of mergers and acquisitions. We can provide Non-Executive Director engagements to ensure that business transformation is delivered as part of a culture of continuous improvement, as well as ensuring that information technology and information management is aligned to and driven by the business.